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MEGASLAM results

  • Blue S.M.A.S.H def Lord Huberous
  • Big Brodie Marshall def Tony Torro
  • Savannah Summers def Demi Bennett (Harley Wonderland guest referee)
  • “World Class” Chris Basso def Damian Slater
  • Andy “Voodoo” Roy def GRIMM, Marvel & Luke Santamaria in a 4 way… Continue reading

Green S.M.A.S.H vs Dean Brady


One half of the Riot City’s resident superheroes has a task on his hands this month as he takes on a man keen to establish himself back into singles competition.
Dean Brady the “Blue Chip Athlete” will use any… Continue reading

”Big” Brodie Marshall vs Tony Torro


The newest Riot City rookie Torro (with his partner Cadie Tre) scored an amazing upset last month when they eliminated Only The Strong from Tag Team Turmoil, he’ll be hoping to repeat that again when he takes on the… Continue reading


Andy “Voodoo” Roy v Matt “GRIMM” Basso v Marvel v Luke Santamaria


With three of the four competitors in this match former RCW champs and the rules of a 4 way dance being every man is legal in the ring… Continue reading

RCW Womens #1. Contenders match


Demi Bennett vs Savannah Summers

Two former RCW Womens Champions face each other to determine who will get the next shot at the reigning Champ Harley Wonderland. If you haven’t seen these two face off before then you are… Continue reading

#RCW10years RESULTS:

RCW 10 Year Anniversary results

1. FuZion & Kellyanne English def “Cornerstone” Chris Basso & Blair Alexis
2. “Big” Brodie Marshall def Brad Smyth
3. Matt “Grimm” Basso def Tama Williams
4. The Rude Ones won Tag Turmoil Match
5.… Continue reading

Lumberjill match for the RCW Women’s Championship

Harley Wonderland (c) v Demi Bennett

GM Hammer has acted swiftly after Harley took the cowards way out to protect her title last month by just walking away from the match knowing the championship can’t change hands on a countout.… Continue reading

Matt “GRIMM” Basso vs Tama Williams

10882211_10152936405024557_2097510227746651228_nAt Battle for Supremacy after his hard fought win Grimm was confronted by a man with a purpose. Tama Williams is back after spending the last 2 years tearing through Japan and it seems his sole mission back in Riot… Continue reading

Results from last night’s POWERTRIP event:

  • Kellyanne defeated Marley Wonderland after Harley announced her sister as her replacement due to a leg injury.
  • Warship defeated Big Brodie Marshall.
  • Lord Huberous defeated Fuzion by submission after much interference from Huberous’s mysterious men.
  • Team Eastman defeated Nick Armstrong… Continue reading

Powertrip Match Announcement!

Lord Huberous v “The Furious One” FuZion


We found out last month who the mysterious leader of the “Puttymen” is and this month we see him in singles competition as he takes on a Riot City veteran in “The… Continue reading