Height : 5,11

Weight (kg): 79kgs

hailing from : Dingley, Melbourne Victoria

Debut year: 2010

Signature moves: Running Drop Kick, Running Knee, Jumping Double Knees, Firemans Carry onto Knee

Finishing move: Swanton Bomb, Code Breaker

Entrance theme: H-blockx - The Power

Referred to as "the loose ledge" Adam Brooks aka Brooksy, a well established wrestler who enjoys getting "loose" for the enjoyment of not only himself but the fans that support he's ridculous antics.

While enjoying having a laugh Brooksy has held some of the country's most important championships but in recent times has enjoyed success being part of the intergender tag team #bestos with his real life partner and as he says, his "hot flooz" Kellyanne.

Career highlights/achievements: PWI Cyberslam champion

2x Warzone champion

RCW champion

2x MCW tag team champion

OCW tag team champion

MCW Intercommonwealth champion

EPW match of the year 2012 + 2013

RCW match of the year 2013

RCW match of the year 2014

Wrestle Radio Australia wrestler of the year 2014.