Height : 6'3"

Weight (kg): 105

hailing from : Adelaide SA

Debut year: 2016

Signature moves: Sling Blade

Uranage Slam

Finishing move: Full Nelson Slam

: Hell March by Frank Klepaki

Carlos Diaz is an individual who believes that he is the center of the universe and that he is the better than everyone else. With the new era of wrestling beginning to evolve, Diaz thinks he is the greatest rising superstar that Riot City has to offer. Combining the characteristics of strength, intensity, aggression, and youth, his character knows that he isn't even close to reaching the peak of his performance as a professional wrestler, however still feels as though the whole RCW roster are below him and his tag team partner Kurt Baron.

Career highlights/achievements: Debuted at the age of 16

Began wrestling at the age of 14

Youngest to make their RCW debut