Weight (kg): 69kgs

hailing from : Melbourne, Victoria

Debut year: 2008

Signature moves: Roaring kelbow, shotgun drop kick, backpack stunner.

Finishing move: Cannonball

Entrance theme (name and artist) : H block x - the power

Describe your character, in a paragraph : Starting her training at the young age of 14, Kellyanne is a well rounded and world traveled wrestler. Perfecting her craft overseas in Canada and Mexico to complete her hybrid style of wrestling. Kellyanne is a well known advocate of intergender wrestling and is never afraid to take on the men. Kellyanne is also best known in RCW for her tag team with boyfriend Adam Brooks called #BESTOS.

Career highlights/achievements: RCW Match of the year 2015, Warzone women's champion, PPW women's champion, graduate of Lance Storm wrestling academy, NAW women's champion.