Height : 5’4

Weight (kg): 55kg

hailing from :

Debut year: 2010

Signature moves: STO, Gutbutser, Modified back cracker, 'Demacian justice' (Opponent hung on the top rope knee to the head), modified 'Tree of Woe'.

Finishing move: Bad fortune'-Top rope frog splash & 'The Fortune teller' - Regal stretch

Entrance theme: Mz. Hyde by Halestorm

Miss. Fortune is just as gorgeous as she is deadly. Outside of the ring she is nice to those that are nice to her, but as soon as it is time to fight, you do not want to be the person standing in the opposite corner of the squared circle to her. She prides herself on her ruthlessness and will not heisitate to do whatever means are necessary to beat her opponent, living by the moto of 'I don't care about getting hurt, so long as I am hurting you'. Because, Miss. Fortune may look like and angel, but don't you dare let that fool you into beliving she is one.

Career highlights/achievements: Become and still reigning, RCW women’s champion in her debut for Riot City Wrestling.